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Final Mile

Final Mile from BT

Our distribution services and UK network of boxes and lockers helps your engineers be more efficient. We make it easier to give your engineers the right parts. In the right place. At the right time. That means less wasted travel, more time for appointments and even happier customers.


Our Pelipod boxes and lockers give engineers secure access to collect and return spare parts, 24/7.


You can find them at more than 500 of our sites across the UK and we’ve got room to expand to 5,000. Or you can have them installed at your own locations.

15 mins

We get spare parts as close as possible to an engineer's home or work. Most engineers only have to travel for 15 minutes.

Why us

We’ve tried and tested Final Mile from BT with one of the largest field engineering workforces in the UK. Ours.

Case studies

See how we improved the final mile for EDF Energy and for our engineers.

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