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Final Mile

A solution that works for you

The final mile is where customer relationships are made or broken. It’s one of the most expensive and complex parts of the supply chain. We can change all that.

It doesn’t matter which of our two solutions you choose, you’ll get access to the Pelipod Portal to track deliveries and collections made. Your engineers will also get handy notifications when parts are ready to collect, so there's less wasted journeys.

Use Pelipod boxes and lockers at over 500 secure BT sites

We’ll handle everything, delivering spare parts from your fulfilment centre or ours, all the way to our secure sites. (We’ve audited each one to keep engineers safe.) And for anything that can’t fit in Pelipod boxes or lockers, we have 95 forward stock locations to make sure nothing gets missed.


We can even collect parts from engineers and send them back to you, or redistribute unused items to other engineers.

Get Pelipod boxes and lockers on your own sites

When it comes to distributing spare parts, you’re free to use your existing carrier or choose from one of our distribution options. We’ll install, maintain and monitor all boxes and lockers so you don’t have to worry.


We’re pretty flexible. So we’ll work with you to find what works best for your business. Even if that’s a combination of both options.

It’s better by a mile

With Final Mile from BT, you can:


Plan more efficient journeys – by putting the right parts in place, engineers will have shorter drives to get what they need for a day's work.


Manage your inventory better – by knowing if parts have been delivered or collected means you can manage your stock levels better. You can also quickly spot missed deliveries or collections and take action to reduce parts getting lost.


Reduce carbon emissions – more efficient engineer journeys are better for the environment. And that’ll bring you closer to meeting your emissions targets.

Keep customers happy – with engineers spending less time finding and picking up parts, they’ll miss fewer appointments and spend more time helping your customers.


Keep engineers happy – with less time travelling, there’s more time for a job well done. That’s bound to keep engineers engaged.


Plan a better mile – each Pelipod box and locker logs every time a delivery or collection is made. With this data you can see which boxes and lockers are available and discover the best times to deliver – no more inefficient journeys.

Pelipod boxes & lockers

We offer two different types of delivery storage, depending on how much space you need for spare parts.


Boxes come with a lid that opens so you can retrieve parts.


Lockers are for storing larger items.

Key services


We find the best locations with the least travel time, making your engineers more efficient. Most engineers will only need to travel 15 minutes to get their spare parts.

Online Pelipod Portal

Track collections and deliveries made to boxes and lockers as they happen, giving you peace of mind and a good view of your spare parts. You can get the portal on your smartphone, so you can check in when you're on the go.


We can deliver at a range of different times, which means we can deliver spare parts to Pelipod boxes and lockers when engineers need them, even before 8am. Engineers can also return spare parts and we’ll collect and deliver them wherever is best.

SMS notifications

We can let your engineers know when we’ve delivered, so there are fewer wasted journey’s.

Installation & maintenance

We'll install all boxes and lockers on your sites. And we’ll monitor and maintain them. So that’s one less thing to worry about.


Our support team is available to help with any enquiries you or your engineers may have.

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