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  • If you see a red light, you’re probably putting in the wrong PIN code. Please follow these steps to get into your locker:  

    • Check that the locker ID matches the one in your text message. They’re generally in the format ABC1234
    • Press * to clear any other codes that have been entered
    • Make sure you hear a beep when you press each digit
    • Press # after you put in the PIN
    • Lift the locker door handle and hold it up while you enter the PIN.  

    If the locker continues showing a red light, please call the Final Mile service desk on 03305 551010 who will help you straight away.   

  • In that case, your delivery may not have arrived yet. Texts are only triggered once something is delivered into the locker. If you’re unsure, please call the service desk on 03305 551010 who can check the status of your delivery and give you a new PIN if necessary. 

  • Your stock may have been delivered into another onsite locker, so please ring the service desk on 03305 551010 who will help find it.  

  • We have a huge network of sites across the UK, and it’s still growing. We’ll map out the most efficient journey for you based on your location. Generally engineers are no more than a 15 minute drive from their allocated site.  

  • Yes, we’re sure about that. That’s the reason you may not have seen us around much. Most of our sites are secure BT sites which need special access. The locker needs a unique PIN to unlock it which will be sent to you and you alone by text on the morning of delivery. 

  • You’ll get a text in the morning containing your PIN code and delivery information. If there are any changes to your order we’ll let you know. 

    For more information, please contact us at

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