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Final Mile

Our Final Mile works

We know Final Mile from BT works because we've tested it with one of the largest field engineering workforces in the UK. Our own. Final Mile is completely flexible. You can use our sites, put boxes and lockers  on your sites, or go for a combination of both.

1.5 hours

We've reduced the travel time of our  engineers by as much as one and a half  hours a day in some cases.

500 sites

We’ve got more than 500 BT-owned sites
across the UK in our Final Mile network.
And we’ve got room to expand to 5,000.

15 mins

Most engineers will be able to pick up spare parts from sites just 15 minutes from home or work.

Savings calculator

Your staff are losing time collecting goods from a depot, which brings 
down your engineers’ productivity. Use the Pelipod savings calculator to
find out how much money we could save you.

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