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Final Mile

BT’s smart delivery lockers drive engineer efficiencies for Calor

Following a successful trial and onboarding process, BT Final Mile has announced a new contract with Calor to support the company’s field service engineering team using the Final Mile network of lockers and boxes.


BT Final Mile service is a nationwide network of secure lockers and boxes which are enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). By having the option to position a locker within the grounds of its 5,000 strategic sites around the country, BT can help organisations with large field engineering teams become more efficient, by reducing the distances engineers need to travel to collect essential equipment and spare parts. 


By working with BT Final Mile, Calor has achieved several efficiencies, the main one being able to locate a locker with a 15-minute drive time of its engineers. The means the company is able to spend more time servicing its customers and less time on the road.


Calor, has been a trusted provider of LPG gas since 1935, reliably supplying LPG for heating, cooking and energy solutions across the UK. Using the Final Mile network of lockers and boxes has also alleviated the business’s other pain points including having locations that are safe and secure in order to have high value materials, namely underground gas piping, delivered to engineers.


Marc Ferris, Category Manager: Operations at Calor, said: “On a daily basis, we must deliver a variety of parts to multiple engineers, often in remote locations. Although we were already using a last-mile delivery mechanism, we were attracted to BT’s solution by its wider variety of locations and the large capacity lockers, which better suits our complex mix of products. “This combination of location and locker size allows us to send more deliveries using a Final Mile pick-up, which massively simplifies things in the field.  The result is that engineers can focus on what they do best without having to worry about logistics, which in turns means a more positive experience for customers. “The implementation process has gone very smoothly, and the BT account team continues to be supportive.  It’s clear they understand our needs and are responsive in dealing with any issues that arise.”


Speaking about the work with Calor, Mark West, Client Account Director at BT Final Mile, said: “We worked closely with Calor to understand how we could deliver a solution that was exactly what they needed. Our unique proposition of being able to position lockers across BT’s estate in secure locations, answered Calor’s need for a large locker, on a breadth of sites.” By using the lockers and boxes as intermediary stock locations, businesses can drive efficiencies throughout their supply chain, allowing them to serve their customers more rapidly, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Also, by reducing the amount of time engineers spend on the road, Final Mile also helps organisations to reduce their fuel costs and total carbon emissions, creating greener, more sustainable businesses.


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10 September 2020