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Final Mile

Final Mile. Helping you deliver on your promises.

With our UK network of 1,800 intelligent lockers, you can promise your engineers they’ll be closer to the parts they need. And with our distribution services, we promise they’ll get them when they need them – even before 8am. So they’ll spend less time on the road and more time delivering the best service possible for your customers.

Utilising BT Final Mile’s locker network means our field engineers travel 189,280 less miles every year.

David Tyler, Supply Chain Manager, TalkTalk

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Less time on the road, more time with customers

Discover more about the benefits of Final Mile.

  • Lower costs, greater efficiency

    The last mile of a supply chain accounts for 41 per cent of its costs. See how the right technology can help you tighten up the process and reduce wasted time and expense.

    26/05/2020 pdf - 1.27 MB
  • Fuelling productivity for Calor Gas

    Find out how switching to our intelligent lockers has meant more Calor Gas engineers arrive on time with the right parts, saving 145 miles per day and 5.6 tonnes of carbon per year.

    26/05/2020 pdf - 956 KB
  • Dig into the detail

    Invest a few minutes in reading our brochure and you could save hours of travel time and thousands in fuel costs. Learn all the different ways that Final Mile helps you deliver more.

    26/05/2020 pdf - 2.41 MB
  • It's all in the numbers

    We use Final Mile for our own engineers. Our customers are seeing some impressive results and so could you.

    26/05/2020 pdf - 44 KB
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